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Public Health Internship

Public Health Internship

Public Health Internship

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) recognizes its responsibility as the state public health agency to assist in the education and training of students in areas related to public health. In collaboration with Ohio colleges and universities, ODH’s Public Health Internship program offers college students (undergraduate and graduate) opportunities to gain practice-based experience in a public health work environment.  ODH offers paid and unpaid internship opportunities that are related to a student’s major or career goal.  Students receiving academic credit for their participation in a college internship will not be eligible for paid opportunities.

This program is ideal for any student who may be interested in a career in public health or other related fields. The program, which offers a real life, goal-oriented experience in an area related to the student's major or career goals, not only provides immediate value to the student, but also has a goal of fostering future public health leaders.

Program Objectives

The ODH Public Health Internship program supports the agency’s public health objectives as well as the professional goals, interests and abilities of participating students.

The objectives of the ODH Public Health Internship program are to:

  • Develop and train the next generation of highly qualified public health professionals.
  • Strengthen partnerships with colleges, universities, local health departments and public health associations.

Benefits for Students

ODH Internships will provide students the opportunity to:

  • Apply classroom learning and gain hands-on experience inside a public health work environment.
  • Build valuable networking connections with local and state public health professional leaders.
  • Explore and “test drive” a career choice within public health.
  • Gain exposure to program analysis and methodologies.
  • Develop marketable job skills and core public health competencies.

For more information about ODH’s Public Health Internship program, please email PHIntern@odh.ohio.gov.

Application Process

To be eligible for the ODH Public Health Internship program, the applicant must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student studying toward a degree in public health or a related field.

Program timelines are flexible and may be adjusted to accommodate the student's academic schedule. The student's paperwork must be completed and received in the ODH Office of Human Resources before a student may begin the internship.

To apply for an ODH Public Health Internship, please submit the following by email to the ODH Office of Human Resources at PHIntern@odh.ohio.gov.

You may also visit our ODH job posting website (careers.ohio.gov) to apply for any posted internship opportunities.

Please contact HR at PHIntern@odh.ohio.gov.

Career Exploration Program (Job Shadowing)

The Career Exploration program is an opportunity for you to “job shadow” a public health professional (Career Exploration advisor) who has specific knowledge about an occupation or career.  You will observe responsibilities and tasks associated with the advisor’s career and have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents and level of education required for the job.  While the purpose of the program is to gather career related information and expand your networking contacts, it also allows you to build interviewing skills and become aware of trends in the field.  Multiple program experiences may be arranged to allow you to explore a variety of career paths.

Benefits of a Career Exploration Experience: 

  • Presents up-to-date facts about an occupation that can assist students in decision making.
  • Informs students about the skills required for certain jobs in the public health field.
  • Provides students with valuable networking contacts to utilize when conducting actual job searches.
  • Assists students in developing communication skills and self-confidence in talking with professional people exposes students to public health terminology unique to the career field. Gives students an edge in future interviews by providing additional knowledge about the field of public health.    

To inquire about a job shadowing opportunity, please send an email to the ODH Office of Human Resources at PHIntern@odh.ohio.gov

You may also visit our ODH job posting website (careers.ohio.gov) to apply for any posted internship opportunities.

Please contact HR at PHIntern@odh.ohio.gov.