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SFY20 Competitive Solicitation Proposals

SFY20 Competitive Solicitation Proposals

Program's guidance for the entire grant program period. Refer to your respective program's Competitive Solicitation Proposal during a continuation grant budget period.


CC20          Creating Healthy Communities

CD20          Safety Net Dental Care I

CR20          Community Paramedicine Rural Pilot Program

DC20          Safety Net Dental Care II

DR20          Drug Overdose Prevention

DS20          Dental Sealant

EC20          Emergency Department Comprehensive Care

GP20          Get Vaccinated Ohio - Provider Initiative

GV20          Get Vaccinated Ohio - Public Health Initiative

HP20           HIV Prevention - Region 3

HY20          Services for Homeless Youths and Homeless Pregnant Youths

IN20           Integrated Naxolone Access and Infrastructure

MS20         Maternal Safety Quality Improvement

PD20          Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention

PH20          Public Health Emergency Preparedness

RH20         Reproductive Health and Wellness

RP20          Regional Healthcare System Coordination for Disaster Preparedness

ST20          STD Prevention - Region 3

SV20          Save Our Sight

TU20         Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation

VW20        VAWA Sexual Assault Prevention

WA20         WIC Administration