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Office of Financial Affairs

The Office of Financial Affairs (OFA)

The Office of Financial Affairs (OFA) consists of 5 units

The Accounting Unit is comprised of three teams:

  • Accounts Payable (AP) – Receives, date stamps and forwards vendor invoices to Programs for review and payment approval. Approved invoices are packaged and sent to OSS for vouchering in OAKS. Staff also process payment cards, EDI invoices, order employee airline tickets for approved out of state travel, enters Board Member travel and makes corrections to travel coding.
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) – centralized billing that is responsible for invoicing customers for goods or services provided by DOH; tracks invoice payments and certifies unpaid invoices for collection.
  • Travel -provides technical assistance to ODH Travelers.

The Budget Unit oversees the budgeting process for the biennial operating budget; monitors expenditures, revenues, and fund cash balances to preserve the agency’s continued fiscal health; oversees development of the indirect rate cost allocation plan; ensures that transactions are properly coded; monitors and approves requisitions; oversees the processing of agency payroll; provides budget and payroll projections; reviews federal grant applications, requests to hire employees, and travel requests; acts as liaison with OBM and LSC; outlines potential financial impact of proposed legislation; provides potential appropriation lapse reports; and conducts budget analysis on an ad hoc basis.

The Revenue & Cash Management (RCM) Unit processes all revenue for the agency and manages cash balances for all funds. Staff enters request for federal funds via multiple federal payment systems.  This unit also manages the Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) Program which oversees the reimbursement process to local health departments and ODH for efforts that assist low-income Ohioans enroll in Medicaid or access Medicaid covered services, updates the MAC state plan through ODJFS/CMS, and trains local health department and ODH staff on reimbursable MAC activities.

The Grants Services Unit is comprised of four teams:

  • The Administration Team provides a myriad of services to various internal and external stakeholders. The core services revolve around providing excellent customer and technical assistance to ODH program and Grant Services Unit staff, which can include audit review and feedback, application reviews and participation in the Combined Application Review (CAR) process.
  • The Processing and Disbursement Teams oversee the (sub-grantee) grant process (through GMIS) that awards funds to entities for providing services at the local level.  This process includes posting & reviewing applications; monitoring expenditures; processing quarterly payments; closing-out grants; and determining flexibility status.
  • The Reporting Team oversees the administration of federal grants from point of application to close-out. This includes coordinating internal sign-offs, processing carry-forward requests, completing periodic grant expenditure reports to the federal agency, and monitoring expenditures & processing grant adjustments to correct reporting expenditures. During audits of federal grants, acts a liaison to state and federal auditors.
  • The Compliance Team contributes by improving the agency’s credibility through performing auditing and monitoring activities; ensures accountability through communication of policies and procedures. The Compliance Teams primary tasks include: Performance of A-133 Single Audit and Independent Audit Reviews (IARs); Coordination and review of Internal Control Questionnaires (ICQ’s); and Reviews and evaluations as Compliance representative in the Combined Application Review (CAR) process.

The Procurement Services Unit is comprised of three teams:

  • The Purchasing Team oversees the purchasing process, reviews, approves and uploads to OAKS all purchase requisitions (i.e., goods, STS purchases, ensures that DAS Procurement Standards are achieved, etc.) and acts as liaison with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS).
  • The Contract Team oversees the contracting process (e.g., reviews contract requests, reviews request for proposals and quotes, posts bids to website, coordinates evaluation process, notifies vendors of award/non-award, resolves disputes, initiates requests for purchase, ensures that DAS Procurement Standards are achieved) and testifies before the Controlling Board members for items and/or services that exceed the spending threshold.
  • The Printing Team reviews, approves, and completes printing project orders and acts as liaison with the DAS State Printing.