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OAC 3701 Department of Health- Administration and Director
OAC 3701:1 Radiation Control
OAC 3717 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code
OAC 4736 Sanitarian Licensure

4736-9-02:  Examination: Type of Examination
4736-10-01: Sanitarian-In-Training: Extension Request
4736-15-01: Sanitarian-In-Training: Use of Registered Sanitarian and Sanitarian-In-Training Designation
4736-15-03: Sanitarian-In-Training: Practice Limitation for Sanitarian-In-Training

ORC 3701   Department of Health
ORC 3702   Hospital Care Assurance Program; Certificates of Need
ORC 3705   Vital Statistics
ORC 3707   Board of Health
ORC 3709   Health Districts
ORC 3711   Maternity and Newborn Care Facilities
ORC 3712   Hospice Care
ORC 3717   Retail Food Establishments; Food Service Operations
ORC 3718   Sewage Treatment Systems
ORC 3721   Nursing Homes; Residential Care Facilities
ORC 3723   Radon
ORC 3727   Hospitals
ORC 3728   Procurement, Storage of, and Access to Epinephrine Auto injectors
ORC 3729   Recreational Vehicle Parks, Camps, Combined and Temporary Park-Camps
ORC 3730   Tattooing or Body Piercing Services
ORC 3733   Manufactured Homes Parks; Marinas, Agricultural Labor Camps
ORC 3742   Lead Abatement
ORC 3747   Low-Level Radioactive Waste Act
ORC 3748   Radiation Control Program
ORC 3749   Swimming Pools
ORC 3750   Emergency Planning
ORC 3793   Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
ORC 3794   Smoking Ban
ORC 3798   Protected Health Information