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Draft Rules

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) posts proposed rules for public comment below as draft rules.  Draft rules posted for public comment may be edited based on comments received but have not yet been formally proposed for adoption.

The draft rules are written, with input by some affected organizations and individuals, by the Ohio Department of Health's programs responsible for carrying out the rules.  The draft rules are then posted for public comment for anyone to provide comments on the draft.  Upon posting the draft rules, ODH sends out an e-notification alert to interested parties who have signed up on the Ohio Business Gateway Regulatory Reform site.

Posting of the draft rules also begins the 60-day review period by the Ohio Public Health Advisory Board (OPHAB).  OPHAB is tasked with reviewing all ODH rules and making a recommendation to the Director of Health.  ODH also provides a copy of the draft rules to the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) in the Office of Lieutenant Governor.

Once rules are reviewed by CSI and OPHAB, the rules may be formally proposed.       


Send a comment on a proposed rule

(For a complete list of current proposed rules and status updates visit the Proposed Rules page.)