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Ohio Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Ohio Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (OPCPCC) Purpose

The Ohio Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (OPCPCC) is a coalition of primary care providers, insurers, employers, consumer advocates, and other interested public and private primary care stakeholders. OPCPCC creates a forum for idea-sharing, education, and development of new programs and activities that facilitate the development of a more effective and efficient value-focused model of patient-centered care delivery in Ohio. That model of care builds upon the principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and must be supported by meaningful payment reform in order to succeed. This activity is intended to ultimately support the improvement of population health in Ohio.


The OPCPCC is encouraging statewide efforts to promote patient-centered primary care. By providing a forum for health care stakeholders to communicate freely and work together, the goals of the OPCPCC are:

  1. Advance our knowledge of health care delivery models that can produce better care, better health, better value, and workforce satisfaction (Quadruple Aim)

  2. Increase the number of patients, providers, employers and insurers who are engaged in this effort.

  3. Identify and share best practices in primary care health transformation in Ohio.

  4. Improve communication between providers, purchasers, payers and patients to facilitate the transformation of healthcare delivery and payment reform. 

OPCPCC Current Activities:

The Coordinating Council consensus in June 2016 is to continue the following activities:

  • Host annual statewide conference

  • Communications for OPCPCC members

    • Ohio PCMH Weekly

    • OPCPCC quarterly newsletter

  • Patient Engagement Learning Center

    • Quarterly patient engagement webinars

    • Patient Engagement Toolbox

  • Workforce Learning Center

    • Choose Ohio First Primary Care Scholarships

    • Interprofessional learning and curriculum reform

How do we accomplish these activities?

OPCPCC is truly a collaborative effort and could not succeed without the commitment of many member organizations who enable work such as the quarterly webinars, the patient engagement toolbox, and workforce initiatives to continue. The work of the OPCPCC is supported by financial and in-kind resources from state partners including the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.  The Ohio Department of Higher Education supports the workforce efforts of OPCPCC through the provision of the Choose Ohio First primary care scholarships.  The OPCPCC is led by a multi-stakeholder coordinating council staffed by an executive director provided by the Ohio Department of Health and led by two co-chairs elected by the Coordinating Council.

Coordinating Council purpose

The Coordinating Council will meet on a quarterly basis to determine the focus and direction to be taken by OPCPCC to work with primary care stakeholders regarding the transformational changes needed (e.g., strengthening and increasing the primary care work force, payment reform that rewards value rather than volume) to enable Ohioans to receive patient-centered primary care. 


With questions about OPCPCC, please contact PCMH@odh.ohio.gov.