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Baby 1st Network

In response to the mandated responsibilities for SIDS reporting and support the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) created the Sudden Infant Death Program. The Baby 1st Network was selected to act as the agent of ODH to assure parents are offered bereavement and supportive services and to monitor and assure that coroners and local health departments (LHDs) are compliant in responding to SIDS.

The Baby 1st Network is designated by ODH as the initial intake agent for the State of Ohio. The network is to be notified of all sudden and unexpected infant deaths by the coroners at the time of death. The network identifies appropriate bereavement resources in the geographical locale of the family and sends a condolence letter and packet of grief-related materials to the families. The network then notifies the appropriate LHD so its staff may offer supportive services to the family as soon as possible.

The network acts quickly to assure sympathy and support are provided to grieving families as soon as possible regardless of the final diagnosis. It is hoped that LHDs will also act quickly in responding to immediate needs of families at the time of a sudden unexpected infant death.

By partnering with ODH, the Baby 1st Network serves as the state’s expert consultant on SIDS, providing a liaison with national and local SIDS organizations; acting as a resource for current information on SIDS research and risk reduction; and distributing educational materials to health professionals and the public. The Network is also involved in helping communities develop sustainable and effective strategies to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Baby 1st Network Mission Statement

The mission of the Baby 1st Network is to provide educational material and support for all who work to reduce Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID). We are committed to providing the tools necessary to empower and engage communities to keep their infants safe. We also provide compassionate support services to families who have experienced the sudden unexpected loss of an infant.


To contact the Baby 1st Network, call 1-800-477-7437 or e-mail: info@baby1stnetwork.org