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Asthma Program
Asthma Program

Asthma Program

The Asthma Program is a program in the Bureau of Maternal, Child, and Family Health in the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

Asthma is a serious life-long disease of the lungs that is caused by swelling (inflammation) in the airways. It can cause breathing problems known as asthma attacks and cause wheezing, cough, and shortness of breath. 

People with asthma can live normal, active lives. There is no cure and you can't outgrow asthma.  Some people may stop having asthma symptoms for a while and it may seem like they have outgrown it, but it isn't gone and could come back at any time.

The Ohio Department of Health Asthma Program works to:

  • Raise awareness and spread information regarding asthma causes, triggers, and management

  • Reduce asthma hospitalization rates

  • Reduce asthma disparities for racial and low socioeconomic groups

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ODH Asthma Program Mailing Address:

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