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Certificate of Need
Certificate of Need

Certificate of Need

The Certificate of Need Program (CON) ensures the public access to quality, long-term care services by requiring review and approval of activities involving long-term care beds.

The following activities require Certificate of Need review and approval

  • The development of a new long-term care facility.

  • The replacement of an existing long-term care facility.

  • The renovation of or an addition to a long-term care facility that involves a capital expenditure of $4 million or more, not including expenditures for equipment.

  • An increase in long-term care bed capacity.

  • A relocation of long-term care beds from one site to another.

  • Any other failure to conduct a reviewable activity in substantial accordance with the approved application for which a Certificate of Need was granted, if the change is made within five years after implementation, including a site or capacity change.

  • The expenditure of more than 110 percent of the maximum expenditure specified in an approved Certificate of Need application.



The Certificate of Need process is set forth in sections 3702.51 to 3702.62 of the Ohio Revised Code  and Chapter 3701-12 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Except for applications filed under Section 3702.593 of the Ohio Revised Code, a Certificate of Need application  form may be filed with the Department of Health at any time.

Applications for the relocation of long term care beds to a county with fewer long term care beds than needed under Section 3702.593, Ohio Revised Code, may only be filed during the month of July in the specified years.

Applications and forms for use throughout the CON process can be obtained from our Applications and Forms page.

You may obtain information on CON projects from our Pending Applications and Decisions page.


Section 3702.54, Ohio Revised Code, provides for the Director of Health to impose a civil money fine for carrying out a reviewable activity without receiving Certificate of Need approval and may refuse to accept for review any application for subsequent reviewable activities for one to three years.  Section 3702.52(G), Ohio Revised Code, provides that the Director of Health may withdraw Certificates of Need.  Section 3702.525, Ohio Revised Code, provides that the Certificate of Need expires if the project has not been timely obligated in accordance with that section.

CON application files may be reviewed only by scheduling an appointment with the CON program.


Additional Information:

Announcements, Interpretive Guidelines, and other information such as Bed Need Calculations and Bed Need Summaries for the CON process can be viewed from our Announcements page.

You may find answers to your questions from our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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