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PHLI Manual

This page contains documents for local health department employees who work with lead in Ohio.


PHLI Manual

Public Health Investigation Manual



Appendix A: PHLI Contact and Monitoring Algorithms

Appendix B: Public Health Lead Investigation and Case Management Combined Questionnaire - Fillable

Appendix C: Parent-Guardian Contact Letter

Appendix D: 5-9 Public Health Lead Investigation Report with Cover Letter

Appendix E: Access Letter - Property Owner

Appendix F: Access Letter - Property Owner 2nd Notice

Appendix G: WIC Program Directory

Appendix H: Healthchek and Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) County Contacts

Appendix I: Healthchek Fax Coversheet

Appendix J: Legal Letter

Appendix K: Lead Visual Assessment Form

Appendix L: 10+ Public Health Lead Investigation Report Template

Appendix M: Environmental Lead Report

Appendix N: 3-Day Property Owner Letter

Appendix O: Lead-Based Paint Inspection and Lead Risk Assessment Report Template

Appendix P: Order to Control Lead Hazards Template

Appendix Q: Acknowledgement of Receipt Template

Appendix R: Order to Control Lead Hazards Extension Request Form Template

Appendix S: Extension Request Cover Letter

Appendix T: Notice of Extension

Appendix U: Final Contact Letter Template

Appendix V: Lead Hazard Control - Method Selection Template

Appendix W: Notice of Non-Compliance and Order to Vacate Template

Appendix X: Resident Vacate Letter

Appendix Y: Warning Sign Template

Appendix Z: Property Owner Vacate Letter

Appendix AA: Compliance Review Sheet

Appendix BB: Clearance Examination Report

Appendix CC: Lead Hazard Control Visual Clearance

Appendix DD: Notice of Compliance Template

Appendix EE: Healthy Housing and Lead Poisoning Surveillance System (HHLPSS) User Manual

Appendix FF: Ohio Administrative Code Chapters 3701-30 and 3701-32

Appendix HH: LHD Instructions for Medicaid Reimbursement

Appendix II: Parent-Guardian Contact Letter 2nd Notice

Appendix JJ: Parent-Owner Right of Entry Legal Letter