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Data and Statistics

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More than 67 percent of all housing units in Ohio were built before 1980 and are likely to contain some lead-based paint on interior and/or exterior surfaces. Each year, approximately 160,000 children from birth to 6 years of age are screened for lead poisoning in Ohio and currently, less than 3 percent are found to have confirmed elevated blood lead levels.

If you have a request for data that cannot be answered here, please contact us at lead.testing@odh.ohio.gov.

Current Data

Blood lead testing data for Ohio children from 2016 to present can be found in ODH’s Public Health Data Warehouse. These data are updated daily.

Additionally, the following documents show data from 1999 to the most recent published year (2021):

Access Requests

If you are a local health department employee who needs access to HHLPSS for case management or lead investigation activities, please contact our surveillance coordinator.

If you are an IRB-approved researcher or local health department surveillance employee who needs secure access to lead records for your work, please contact us at lead.testing@odh.ohio.gov. You will also need to complete and submit a Data User Agreement for our records. These can be found below.