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Lead has been used for many years in products found in and around our homes. Many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint. These homes come in different shapes, sizes, and locations. Lead can be found in the city, country, or suburbs; in apartments and single-family homes; and in both private and public housing. Lead-based paint was commonly used on the interiors as well as the exteriors of houses and apartments. Read more to protect yourself and your family from lead in the home.

  • For information about our SCHIP Grant, which provides funding to remove lead paint hazards from homes, see our Medicaid Grant page
  • For more information about lead licensure, including to search for a licensed professional, see our Lead Licensure page.
  • For more information about healthy homes, see our Healthy Homes page.

Hazardous Properties

See the list of hazardous properties in Ohio whose owners have refused to comply with an order from the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health to correct known lead hazards.

As a result of their non-compliance, property owners have been issued an order to vacate these properties because they contain known lead hazards and have been declared unsafe for human occupation, especially for children younger than six years old and pregnant women. This means that no person should be living in these properties until the identified lead hazards have been corrected, the properties pass a clearance examination, and the lead hazard control order has been lifted by the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health. Contact information is provided with each property listed via the above link. This list of properties with known lead hazards is updated daily.

Find Lead-Safe Rentals in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health works with the Ohio Housing Finance Agency to help renters locate lead safe housing in Ohio. The Ohio Housing Locator is a free, statewide service for rental housing. This website helps Ohioans search for units that are affordable, accessible, available to seniors, lead safe, and more.

Visit the Ohio Housing Locator website

Home Repair

Medicaid Grant (SCHIP)

The ODH lead program has funding to remove lead paint hazards from homes built before 1978. This program is statewide and available in every county in Ohio. The goal is to help protect families with Medicaid eligible children and/or Medicaid eligible pregnant women against the dangers of lead paint hazards.

For more information, see our Medicaid Grant page.


HUD Lead Hazard Control Grant

ODH has received funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to address lead and other health hazards in residential units. This grant program is available to property owners and families living in homes built before 1978.

For more information, visit our HUD Lead Hazard Control Grant page.


Ohio Lead Abatement Tax Credit Program 

The ODH lead abatement tax credit program provides state tax credit certificates to Ohio property owners that have incurred lead abatement costs in their pre-1978 built dwelling. This program is statewide and available in every county in Ohio. The goal is to help promote lead-safe housing in the state, offset the costs associated with the performance of lead abatement, and to protect families and children against lead exposure.

For more information, see our Lead Abatement Tax Credit page.


OHFA Lead Paint Safe Pilot Program for Qualified Toledo and Cleveland Homeowners

For a limited time, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA), in collaboration with Huntington National Bank, is offering low-interest home repair loans for homeowners living in eligible census tracts in the cities of Toledo and Cleveland whose homes may have potential lead paint hazards. The program will help pay for the costs to make their homes Lead Safe.

For more information, visit the OHFA Lead Paint Safe Pilot Loan Program page.


Lead Workforce Opportunities

Lead Abatement Workforce Opportunities

ODH has federal and state funding to repair lead and health/safety hazards in housing. ODH is seeking contractors/companies who are interested in working for ODH grant programs. If you have experience in housing-related rehab or residential construction work, see our Ohio Lead Hazard Control Program Lead Workforce Participation Application to learn more. You must have a license to perform this work.


Free Lead Training

ODH in partnership with the Ohio Department of Development is sponsoring FREE lead training for professionals. For more information, please see our Lead Program Training Flyer.


Additional Resources

The following are resources that you can use to help prevent exposure to lead in the home, whether you own or rent.

For Property Owners

The following are resources that you can use to help you maintain a lead-safe home, whether you live in your home or you lease it to others. If you are looking for a licensed lead professional, please see our Lead Licensure page for more information.