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How To Request A Mobile Vaccination Unit

A lady receiving a vaccination.

Please follow the steps below to request a MVU:

  1. The provider must be an enrolled vaccine provider in Ohio and utilize the Ohio Vaccine Management Solution (VMS) website. The provider must complete an additional Section B form in OH|ID as a mobile vaccination site (i.e. Mobile Unit) prior to requesting an MVU. Providers are responsible for storage, handling, and administration of vaccine, according to ODH policy. Providers are responsible for ensuring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccination best practices are followed, including storage, handling, movement, and administration by product. In the event of a temperature excursion, the provider must contact the ODH COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Call Center at 1-844-963-4829.
    1. Facilities who are interested in enrolling in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program can:
      • Visit the OHID webpage: https://ohid.ohio.gov.
      • Log-in using provider OHID or create a new account.
      • Request access to the Vaccination Program (COVID-19) application.
      • Complete, sign, and submit all required forms electronically through the application.
        • Please note if the provider has previously enrolled with the program and is submitting an application for use of the MVU, the provider will only need to complete a Section B under their original application. The provider can do this by selecting Section B in the application, finding “Organization Name-TDDD” and entering the information regarding the MVU.

A regional coordinator will connect to the Bureau of Infectious Diseases (BID) via covidvaccine@odh.ohio.gov to confirm that the location is to be added to VMS account.

  1. To initiate the request process, the provider must complete the survey.
  2. If approved, a regional coordinator will contact the provider POC for arrangements for pickup of MVU and next steps.
  3. Depending on availability and schedule, ODH may utilize one unit for multiple locations.