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Vaccine Transfer

Coronavirus vaccine vials.

Vaccine Transfer Process

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) recognizes that there are circumstances in which COVID-19 vaccine must be moved from the original vaccine provider location to another enrolled vaccine provider location. Movement of vaccine between enrolled COVID-19 vaccine providers is not a recommended practice but is permitted with advance approval by ODH.  

Reasons for requesting movement of vaccine could include:

  • Transferring short-dated doses to avoid waste.
  • Transferring doses to another enrolled provider to meet an immediate vaccination need.

If a provider has doses to move to a determined location or needs help identifying a location to receive extra doses, complete the steps below:

Request advance approval to move vaccine

Complete an a COVID-19 Vaccine Request of Movement online form.

ODH will review the requests. Reviews of requests may take two to three business days.

Approval will be communicated via email.

Following approval, begin documenting vaccine movement.

If the request is approved by ODH, begin filling out the COVID-19 Vaccine Record of Movement Form with vaccine information and site information. Some details will need to be added immediately before or after the transfer.

In addition, follow guidance included in the approval email message.

Prepare for vaccine movement

  • Gather appropriate materials to pack vaccine for transport (cooler, conditioned water bottles, temperature monitoring device, etc.).
  • Gather ancillary supplies. Pack all syringes, needles, and ancillary items needed to administer the vaccines being transferred.
  • Use a temperature monitoring device with at least a min/max functionality to ensure vaccine viability during transport.
    • Ensure the temperature monitoring device is not directly placed on a cold pack during transport (as this may reflect false temperature readings).
    • Reset the min/max prior to moving the vaccine.
  • Document the starting temperature on the form.

Transport vaccine, update inventory, and submit record

  • Monitor the temperatures in the transport cooler.
  • Make inventory adjustments in ImpactSIIS. The originating site must remove the doses from its inventory, and the receiving site must add the doses to its ImpactSIIS inventory.
  • Both originating and receiving sites must keep a copy of COVID-19 Vaccine Record of Movement Form on file.  
  • The originating site must submit the completed Record of Movement form to covidvaccine@odh.ohio.gov.