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Vaccine Management Solution (VMS) Training

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The Ohio Vaccine Management Solution (VMS) offered by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is a website-based system to assist COVID-19 vaccine providers and patients with vaccine appointment scheduling and vaccine administration. This no-cost tool can assist providers with patient registration, scheduling, vaccine inventory, and clinic management. Ohio residents can visit gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov to determine if they are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination or booster dose, and to schedule an appointment.

The following resources are available to help COVID-19 vaccine providers use the VMS tool. Below you will find a series of videos and user guides that will take you step-by-step through setting up your Provider Portal and performing the functions available through VMS, including managing vaccine inventory, entering appointment availability for the public to view, managing staff users, and checking in patients during an appointment.

A separate user guide and video, labeled for third-party providers, are available for providers who use different scheduling platforms to manage their visibility on gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov. The VMS tool enables these providers to directly link to those websites through gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov. This is essential to help Ohioans find appointments anywhere in the state using a single website.

Training Videos

User Guide

  • Ohio VMS User Guide: This user guide offers step-by-step instructions on different aspects of the VMS, including:
    • Managing vaccine inventory.
    • Entering appointment availability for the public to see.
    • Managing staff users.
    • Checking in patients
  • Third-Party Provider User Guide: A user guide specifically for third-party providers.
    • This user guide is new and specifically for third-party providers. Third-party providers are providers that do not use full VMS functionality and instead direct residents to an external URL to schedule appointments.

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