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Success Stories and Reports

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Success Stories

CHC coordinators in 22 counties across the state have activated and engaged local stakeholders through coalitions to accomplish objectives and ensure sustainability. Included in this booklet, you will find information about our statewide initiatives as well as success stories from each of our funded counties. Click on the links below to learn more. 

2021 Success Stories

2020 Success Stories

2019 Success Stories

2018 Success Stories

2017 Success Stories

2016 Success Stories

2015 Success Stories

Active Living

CHC communities implemented strategies to increase access to physical activity opportunities through policy, systems, and environmental changes. Click the link below to access a document that summarizes the resources and technical assistance provided by Toole Design to help make these strategies successful. 

2020 Active Living Summary Document 

2021 Active Living Summary Document

In 2017, the Ohio Department of Health partnered with local nonprofit Yay Bikes! to encourage bicycle commuting by state agency employees, with the ultimate goal of increasing daily physical activity. Participants gained significant levels of knowledge and confidence from the experience, were inspired to change their behavior, and shared what they learned with others. Click the link below to access the report. 

Ride Buddy 2017 Final Report


Healthy Eating 

Good Food Here is an initiative spearheaded by CHC to make it easy for consumers to recognize and purchase healthy foods. Funding provided to local health departments through the Communities Preventing Chronic Disease (CPCD) grant has brought Good Food Here into grocery and corner stores, vending, concession, cafeterias, and food pantries. This publication provides interviews with CPCD staff on their success using the Good Food Here brand. Click the link below to access the publication. 

Good Food Here Success Stories

Program Evaluation

The 2015-2019 CHC Program Evaluation Report synthesizes the contributions of the Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) program in 23 Ohio communities. The data incorporated into this report includes evaluation and program documentation data collected by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), CHC staff, CHC coordinators, and the external evaluator Professional Data Analysts (PDA). Evaluation efforts have focused on understanding the coordination of the program by ODH, characterizing community-level changes resulting from collective CHC efforts, and capturing both state and local-level changes in increasing access to fresh, healthy food, opportunities to be physically active, and tobacco-free living.

CHC 2015-2019 Program Evaluation Report (full report)

CHC 2015-2019 Program Evaluation Report (short version)

The 2010-2014 Creating Healthy Communities Program Evaluation Report outlines the need, approach, strategies and results achieved in improving access to healthy foods, opportunities for physical activity, and tobacco-free living for Ohioans in the sixteen funded counties within the five year grant cycle. Click the link below to view the report. 

CHC Program Evaluation Report (2010-2014)