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Retail Food Safety Advisory Council

The Retail Food Service Advisory Council (RFSAC) was established in 1999 with the passage of Chapter 3717 Ohio Revised Code (ORC).  The ORC grants authority to the Directors of Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Department of Agriculture to serve as co-chairs of the council and appoint twelve additional members:

  • Three members representing the interests of retail food establishments (RFE);

  • Three members representing the interests of food service operations (FSO);

  • Four members representing boards of health or the health departments operated by the boards of health;

  • One member representing the academic community who is knowledgeable in food science or food technology;

  • One member representing the general public who is not employed by this state or any of its political subdivisions and has no pecuniary interest in a retail food establishment or food service operation.

​Nominees for appointment to RFSAC are solicited from organizations representing local boards of health, the food service operation and retail food establishment industries, academia and consumers.  The duties assigned to RFSAC include:

  • Making recommendations for the uniform food safety code;

  • Examining specific food safety issues raised by the Director of Agriculture or Director of Health and making recommendations regarding those issues;

  • Mediating unresolved issues among state agencies about the interpretation of rules adopted under this chapter and making recommendations regarding the issues;

  • Making recommendations to the Director of Agriculture and Director of Health with respect to improving the food safety awareness of consumers and their confidence in the state’s food supply;

  • Making recommendations to the Director of Agriculture and Director of Health regarding the licensing categories and inspection frequencies to be used in regulating retail food establishments and food service operations;

  • Making recommendations to the Director of Health with respect to the program for certification of individuals in food protection and approval of courses in food protection.

Meeting Schedule

RFSAC meetings are held quarterly on the campus of the Ohio Department of Agriculture in the Bromfield Building auditorium. Meetings are planned for 2022 on the following dates:

  • February 15, 2022
  • May 10, 2022
  • August 2, 2022
  • November 15, 2022

Current List of RFSAC Members:

Local Boards of Health Representatives:

Christina Ritchey Wilson, R.S., Section Chief, Food Protection, Columbus Public Health 
Term expires 12-31-2023

Chris Cook, M.P.H., R.S., Deputy Health Commissioner, Clark County Combined Health District 
Term expires 12-31-2023  

Peter Schade, M.P.H., R.S., Health Commissioner, Erie County General Health District 
Term expires 12-31-2022  

Paul DePasquale, M.P.A., R.S., Environmental Health Director, Stark County Combined General Health District 
Term expires 12-31-2023  

General Public/Consumer Representative:

Michael Agosta 
Term expires 12-31-2024

Academia Representative: 

Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University College of Food Science
Term expires 12-31-2022  

Industry/Retail Food Establishments Representatives:

Kristin Mullins, President/CEO, Ohio Grocers Association 
Term expires 12-31-2022  

Terry Levee, Director, Food Safety Compliance, Giant Eagle 
Term expires 12-31-2022  

Lora Miller, Director, Government Relations, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants 
Term expires 12-31-2024

Industry/Food Service Operations Representatives: 

Darryl Jacobs, Director, Regulatory Operations, Wendy’s International 
Term expires 12-31-2022  

Laura Morrison, Managing Director, Membership & Employer/Food Safety, Ohio Restaurant Association
Term expires 12-31-2024

Jeromie Garn, Top Shelf Concessions
Term expires 12-31-2024