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Health Improvement Zones


Ohio Health Improvement Zones (OHIZ) refers to the socioeconomic and demographic factors that affect the resilience of individuals and communities – the ability to prevent human suffering and financial loss in a disaster. By understanding where these populations are located and what factors contribute to their levels of risk, Ohio Health Improvement Zones can aid in all phases of improving health in communities

The Mapping Tool Explained

This tool contains both county-level and US Census Tract-level data on Health Improvement Zones. This tool uses Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) created by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), using the most current data available from the US Census Bureau American Community Survey 5-year estimates (2014-2018). The SVI is a score ranging from 0 – 1, detailing areas of high SVI (darker colors and higher scores) and areas of low SVI (lighter colors and lower scores).

The SVI is comprised of 15 indicators grouped into 4 themes, as defined by CDC and shown in the figure below. This tool includes data and maps specific to all components of the SVI in an interactive format

Overall Vulnerability Infographic

Overall Vulnerability

Socioeconomic Status

  • Below Poverty
  • Unemployed
  • Income
  • No High School Diploma

Household Composition & Disability

  • Aged 65 and Older
  • Aged 17 and Younger
  • Civilian with a Disability
  • Single-Parent Households

Minority Status & Language

  • Minority
  • Speak English “Less than Well”

Housing & Transportation

  • Multi-Unit Structures
  • Mobile Homes
  • Crowding
  • No Vehicle
  • Group Quarters

Navigating the Mapping Tool

This tool provides overview maps and CSV download for use through a series of tabs along the top of the page. This Overview page shows the county-level data, and provides navigational links to various tabs within the tool.

The tool provides a dashboard view of the data and a complete listing of all indicators and data in the CSV download.

The dashboards provide maps and the values for selected indicators of vulnerability in the dashboard boxes. A full listing of indicators, themes, and scores is shown in the pop-up box when selecting a given area. The County Dashboard provides county-level data, while the Census Tract Dashboard provides US Census tract-level data.

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Using the Mapping Tool

This tool can be used to identify Health Improvement Zones in particular areas throughout Ohio. The dashboards and the pop-up boxes in each map show the count and percentage of individuals for a given indicator of Health Improvement Zones. The CSV download provides all the data in a tabular format for further research.