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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions For Families

My child is 18 months old; is he too young to participate in this program?

No, the Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program is available to children aged birth to 21 years of age.

How do I know if my family is financially eligible to participate in this program?

A family’s financial eligibility can be determined using the federal poverty guideline table.

How do I find an approved provider?

Approved providers are listed under the OHAAP Providers link.

What documents should I provide to the approved OHAAP provider in order to participate in the program?

Families should complete the Family Application Form and provide a copy of their most recent tax form to the approved OHAAP provider.

Will I be charged for hearing aid verification tests or hearing aid adjustments when I take my child in for follow-up visits under OHAAP?

No, you will not be charged if the visit is within the trial period with the provider under OHAAP.  After the trial period, your provider may charge for any hearing adjustments and/or testing.

Frequently Asked Questions For Providers

Do I have to be a BCMH and/or Medicaid provider to be an OHAAP provider?


How do I become an approved OHAAP provider? 

Click here to request an agreement to become an OHAAP provider. An agreement will be e-mailed to you for signature.

How do I become an approved provider? 

Click here for step by step instructions. 

How do I become a State of Ohio vendor?

Contact Ohio Shared Services  at (614)338-4781 regarding the required forms that must be completed in order to become a State of Ohio vendor.

What forms do providers submit to OHAAP for prior authorization?

Providers must submit the completed Family Application Form, 2013 Tax form, Audiogram, Medical Clearance and Prior Authorization Form to the mailing address listed below.

What do providers submit for reimbursement after the child is fit with hearing aids?

Providers will be reimbursed following approval of the authorization and submission of an invoice (template provided by OHAAP) for payment.

Am I able to bill the patient for hearing aid verification or hearing aid adjustments once the child on OHAAP returns from the initial fitting?

There will be no charge to the patient for hearing aid verification or hearing aid adjustments during the trial period.

What are the billing codes for hearing aids?

V5257 Monaural BTE (behind the ear)
V5256 Monaural ITE (in the ear)
V5261 Binaural BTE (behind the ear)
V5260 Binaural ITE (in the ear)
V5264 (earmold) 

What are the billing codes for audiological services?

V5160 Dispensing fee binaural
V5241 Dispensing fee monaural


Mailing Address

Ohio Department of Health
Children’s Hearing and Vision Screening Program
Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program
Melissa S. McCoy, M.A.
246 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Telephone: (614) 466-1995
Email: Melissa.McCoy@odh.ohio.gov