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Rapid HIV Testing Protocol

In a concerted national effort to expedite client linkage to care and improve health outcomes, Ohio’s HIV Prevention program has implemented a dual rapid algorithm for HIV testing. Rapid HIV testing, sometimes referred to as “point-of-care" (POC) testing allows clients who test positive for HIV to be promptly linked to care. Prompt linkage to HIV treatment and care leads to improved health outcomes and reduction of community viral load, which can reduce the number of new HIV infections.

Dual rapid algorithms:

  • Utilize one POC test to detect antibodies and a second comparable POC test, from a separate manufacturer, to confirm this detection at a 100% positive-predictive-value.

  • Allow clients to receive same-day confirmation of their positive HIV test result and further advances the engagement of populations infected with HIV.

  • Remove common barriers including the need for additional laboratory testing and losing clients to follow-up. In a dual rapid algorithm, both confidential and anonymous testing may be offered.

Confidential testing should be encouraged as standard practice. Anonymous testing should never be utilized when conducting the second rapid test. All paper work needed to make an initial appointment with an infectious disease doctor will be given during the single testing event. No return visit for a confirmatory result will be needed.

To see our full Rapid Testing Protocol download the PDF located on the right side of this page.