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Hospital Registration Frequently Asked Questions

If under our corporation we have various hospitals, at different site locations, can we submit one annual hospital registration report to cover all our facilities?

No, the Registration rules define a "hospital" as an institution located at a single site, which is engaged primarily in providing services to inpatients.

Are financial statements submitted to ODH as part of the registration process?

No, hospitals are not required under the registration rules to provide financial statements. We do not collect any cost information on the registration report.

Who is on the Governing Board and/or Board of Trustees of the hospital?

This information is not collected on the Annual Hospital Registration and Planning Report.

What is the hospital registration number?

A four-digit number is assigned to each hospital as a unique identifier. This number is the registration number and is permanently assigned to a hospital as a means for data collection.

How long are hospitals required to retain their medical records?

Hospitals participating in the Medicare program must retain medical reports in their original or legally reproduced form for a period of at least 5 years. Under Ohio Administrative Code 3701-84-11 (E) Health Care Service Quality Rules, the provider of health care services shall maintain medical records for six years from the date of discharge. Additional information may be found in the Code of Federal Regulations, 42 CFR 482.24 (b)(1).

The following information is not collected on the Annual Hospital Registration and Planning Report.

  1. Patient discharges by diagnosis.

  2. Hospital admissions by age groupings.

  3. Types of surgery performed.

  4. Designation of hospital as a teaching hospital.

  5. Freestanding facility information, e.g. ambulatory surgical facilities, birthing centers, diagnostic imaging centers.