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  • Babies born at home are not required to have a newborn hearing screening.
  • Hearing screening is strongly encouraged to be completed for babies born at home. Communication development in babies is very important and helps your baby develop important skills for school readiness and overall development.
  • Parents receive the home birth parent brochure and a list of sites that can perform the screening when registering the birth at the local health department.
  • The Pediatric Audiology Directory has a list of screening locations for babies born at home.
  • Screenings for babies born at home should be completed by 1 month of age. Older babies may need additional testing due to age.
  • Additional testing may be needed to find hearing loss or deafness.
  • If hearing loss or deafness is found, your baby/family will be referred to receive early intervention servicies from our partner agency, Department of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Provide insurance information when scheduling the screening appointment. Payment for screenings is through the baby’s insurance plan.


Hearing Screening - Home Birth Parent Handout: