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Produce Perks Midwest

In 2019, the Ohio Department of Health Bureau of Maternal, Child and Family Health and Produce Perks Midwest launched the Infant Vitality Produce Prescription Program (IV-PRx) to enhance maternal and infant health for low-income, pregnant women living in Ohio counties with the highest Black infant mortality rates (Ohio Equity Institute counties). 

The IV-PRx program provides nutrition security to pregnant women through the baby’s first year of life. Program goals include increasing nutrition security for the household, strengthening the patient’s relationship with her healthcare and social service providers, and, ultimately, reducing pre-term births, low birth weight, and infant deaths.  

Through monthly healthcare provider visits, enrolled patients receive health and nutrition education and increased access to affordable healthy foods through Produce Prescriptions. Participants in the program receive $30 per month per household member (maximum five household members) to redeem at neighborhood food access points such as farmers’ markets, grocery/retail stores, corner stores or through a produce box delivery program sourced from local, Ohio farmers.

Produce Perks Midwest is an Ohio nonprofit and serves as Ohio's lead agency administering nutrition incentive programming statewide. Visit the Produce Perks Midwest website.