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Informatics & Data Management
Informatics & Data Management

Informatics & Data Management

Informatics and Data Management oversees the Ohio Public Health Data Warehouse, coordinates the Quality Payment Program and Meaningful Use functions, participates on the Data Governance Committee, and provides data and analytics support to programs throughout ODH.

General Information

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) collects a significant amount of health-related data. The amount and timeliness of the data received by ODH has increased substantially over the past several years and will continue to increase as technologies improve. ODH is working to convert these data into information needed to inform policy and programmatic decisions that will improve the health of Ohioans.

In 2015, ODH partnered with the Ohio State University’s Department of Biomedical Informatics to identify several key areas of focus to improve ODH’s informatics and data analytics capacity. Implementation of these areas of focus began in early 2016 and included:

  1. Creating a new data and informatics leadership role to oversee and coordinate across the agency.

  2. Implementing a new data governance structure to bring consistency to data collection and dissemination across the department.

  3. Enhancing ODH’s Data Warehouse to improve access to publicly available data, standardize access to confidential datasets, and enable sharing of data between public health partners, citizens, and other interested parties.

  4. Coordinate the reporting of public health information for federal EHR incentive programs including Promoting Interoperability (formerly known as Meaningful Use).

To take on these initiatives, ODH created the Informatics and Data Management team within the Office of Performance and Innovation. Led by the Chief Data Officer, the team has oversight on any data, informatics or analytic-related project within the agency. The Informatics and Data Management team works with other programs, offices and bureaus at ODH to make sure projects are completed efficiently, accurately, and follow ODH’s strategic priorities. The team was designed to coordinate, assist, and consult with programs and to act as a liaison with outside entities. Most of the operational work remains within ODH programs except for crosscutting data initiatives such as the Data Warehouse, 2019 Online State Health Assessment, and enterprise analytics.

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Phone: 614-466-3543
Email: Informatics@odh.ohio.gov