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Newborn Screening Coordinator Responsibilities

Perform Quality Assurance Activities

  • Establish a protocol to assure that every baby born at or transferred to their facility is appropriately screened.

  • Maintain a log to track newborn screening specimens collected and sent, and to document test results.

  • Maintain adequate inventory of blood collection cards

  • Establish a protocol for monitoring demographic data, blood collection quality, and timeliness of specimen submission.

  • Collect and report missing/incorrect demographic information requested by the newborn screening program via telephone or fax within 24 hours of notification

  • Implement blood collection protocols (based upon screening program guidelines) for:

    • Transfusion

    • TPN administration or NPO

    • Early discharges

    • Transferred

    • Premature / Extended stay babies

  • Establish process for drying, packaging, and shipping specimen to to the Newborn Screening Program within 24 hours of specimen collection

  • Establish a physician/parent notification process if the specimen is unsatisfactory for testing

  • Establish a process to assure timely receipt of newborn screening results on all babies screened.

  • Notify the Newborn Screening Program when coordinator at birth facility changes


Educational Activities

  • Serve as a contact person and facilitator between the state screening program and the birthing facility staff.

    • Inform and educate facility staff about new program guidelines and protocol changes (new disorders added to test panel, changes in specimen collection requirements, administrative rule changes and other newborn screening information, as necessary).

    • Disseminate information (newsletters, QA reports, etc.) received from the newborn screening program to the appropriate facility staff (nursing, laboratory, clinicians).

  • Document competency of blood drawing staff on an annual basis (new and existing staff).

  • Document competency of staff completing demographic information on an annual basis (new and existing staff).

  • Maintain adequate supply of “parent” brochures/pamphlets

  • Establish a dissemination process for the “parent” brochure/pamphlet before the blood collection.


Establish a procedure for witnessing and recording those parents who refuse newborn screening testing on their baby

  • ​Complete Religious objection form and submit form to the Newborn Screening Program

  • Complete Missed Newborn Screening form and submit form to the Newborn Screening Program

  • Document parental refusal of Krabbe disease screening on the newborn screening card