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Call. No Matter What.

Call. No Matter What.

Call. No Matter What.

Far too many people don’t call for help when they witness an overdose. They’re afraid of being arrested when police arrive with emergency medical help. Ohio’s Good Samaritan Law is designed to remove that fear by granting varying levels of immunity for people who call 911 during an overdose.

The issue involves all of us. The solution does too.

The issue involves all of us. The solution does, too.

Ohio’s Good Samaritan Law

Ohio’s Good Samaritan Law provides immunity for minor drug possession to people seeking help during a drug overdose. You can’t be arrested or prosecuted if:

  • Law enforcement found the drugs as a result of calling 911 during an overdose.
  • You have a drug test and receive referral for treatment within 30 days.
  • You provide documentation verifying the date and time of your drug test and referral.

Immunity can be used twice. People on parole or probation are not eligible. Immunity is limited to possession of controlled substances.

What To Say When Calling 911

If someone is afraid to mention drugs or overdose or worry they won’t have immunity, they can still call 911 and simply say, “Someone is not breathing and is unresponsive. Please send an ambulance immediately.”

Stay informed about the latest laws in Ohio. Ohio’s current laws went into effect in 2016. Stay up to date on the latest by visiting the links below.

Current Government Rules & Regulations

If you’re in immediate danger, call 911.
In crisis? Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or text “4HOPE” to 741741.
Are you ready to seek treatment? Get help now.