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Impact Stories

Impact Stories


An Issue That Impacts All Levels of The Community.

Every day, lives across Ohio are impacted by the dangers of opioid abuse. More and more of our friends and neighbors owe their lives to naloxone. Hear real stories from real people.

Justin, EMT


“ Naloxone has changed it so what would have been a fatal overdose is no longer a guarantee. Somebody can be saved.”  -  Justin, EMT



Overdose Survivors

Naloxone has saved thousands of people from all walks of life. Hear real stories
from survivors who are now in recovery.

First Responder about Naloxone

Todd's Story About Naloxone

Nicole's Story about Naloxone

Nicki's Story about Naloxone


Marin's Story: The Battle Against Heroin

Naloxone: Fighting the Drug Epedemic in Ohio

If you’re in immediate danger, call 911.
In crisis? Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or text “4HOPE” to 741741.
Are you ready to seek treatment? Get help now.