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Plasmapheresis Centers
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Plasmapheresis Centers

Plasmapheresis centers collect plasma from donors for use in medical treatments and therapies. Plasmapheresis centers are nonhospital blood banks or other establishments that have been issued a certificate of approval from the Bureau of Regulatory Operations at the Ohio Department of Health

Plasmapheresis centers are nonhospital blood banks or other establishments that collect blood from donors, the plasma is separated from the formed elements, and the formed elements are returned to the donor during a single visit to the plasmapheresis center. Plasmapheresis centers must hold a current, valid certificate of approval issued by the Director of Health.

Plasmapheresis centers must be inspected prior to certification and at least once each year for compliance with Chapter 3725. of the Ohio Revised Code. Plasmapheresis facilities must annually apply for renewal of certification according to the standard renewal procedure under Chapter 4745. of the Ohio Revised Code. Each plasmapheresis center must report monthly to the health commissioner of the city or general health district or other administrator of public health for the health district in which the center is located the following:

  • Total number of plasma donations received

  • Total number of hepatitis B antigen positive donations received

  • Names of all hepatitis B antigen positive donors

Each plasmapheresis center shall also report to such administrator the names of all personnel and donors who develop hepatitis or other diseases or serious reactions related to plasmapheresis, and shall report immediately the names of all donors testing positive for syphilis.

Application for a certificate must be made by the operator of each establishment desiring to operate as a plasmapheresis center. Click the link to obtain an application for a Plasmapheresis Center Certificate of Approval Application.


For more information or assistance:

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