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Down-hole camera (DHC) request form

The following steps must be completed prior to submitting a down-hole camera request for bacterial problems in permitted wells pending final approval.

  1. Two positive total coliform or E. coli results from samples collected at the pressure tank or within the jurisdiction of the private water systems program by the Local Health District; 
  2. Enhanced disinfection and cleaning must be completed by the private water systems contractor; 
    • Contractor Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfecting Private Water Wells 
  3. Dye testing the well must be conducted by the local health district sanitarian staff. 
    • Dye Testing Wells  

Requests for a down-hole camera investigation must be initiated by the Local Health District.

The following must be instructed to the homeowner by the local health district prior to a down-hole camera investigation.

  1. A working electric outlet must be available with reasonable proximity of the well in order to conduct the down-hole camera investigation; 
  2. The homeowner or property owner is responsible for contacting the private water systems contractor about pulling the submersible pump or jet pump lines;
  3. The submersible pump or jet pump lines must be pulled from the inside of the well 12-24 hours prior to the down-hole camera investigation.  Therefore, water will not be available for possibly 24 hours; 
  4. Liners, installed inside wells, must be pulled 12-24 hours prior to the down-hole camera investigation.

Click the "Download" button to obtain the Down-hole camera request form.