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Microbiological Standards for Private Water Systems in Ohio

Private water systems provide drinking water in rural or suburban areas and include water wells, rainwater cisterns, springs, hauled water storage tanks, and ponds used for drinking water.  Private water systems are regulated under Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapter 3701-28 through Ohio’s local health districts.   A private water system:

  • Provides water to homes in rural and suburban areas that are not connected to public water systems;
  • Is used for drinking water and other potable and domestic purposes;
  • Serves water to small businesses, churches, etc. to fewer than 25 people less than 60 days out of the year;
  • Have less than 15 service connections.  

Larger water supply systems are regulated by Ohio EPA.

Click the "Download" button to obtain the Microbiological Standard for Private Water Systems in Ohio fact sheet.