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Specialized Registry Reporting - Cancer Case Reporting

Specialized Registry Reporting—Cancer Case Reporting

Overview of the Program

The Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System (OCISS) collects and analyzes cancer incidence data on all Ohio residents. OCISS data are widely used by public health professionals, medical researchers and others to determine the burden of cancer in Ohio's communities; to develop, implement and promote cancer prevention and control activities; and to support cancer-related research. 

Each physician, dentist, hospital, or person providing cancer diagnostic or treatment services is required by law (Ohio Revised Code 3701.262) to report all newly-diagnosed and/or treated cancers to OCISS.

A reportable cancer case is defined as any primary malignant neoplasm, with the exception of basal and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin and carcinoma in situ of the cervix. Benign and borderline intracranial and central nervous system tumors are also reportable.

Cases are to be reported within six months of diagnosis. Data to be reported include patient demographics and information on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and staging. OCISS encourages providers to report monthly. 

There are several options for reporting cancer cases to OCISS. However, cancer case reporting through certified electronic health record technology is the only reporting option that qualifies for Meaningful Use (MU) or the Quality Payment Program. Reporting through Web Plus, an application that collects cancer data securely over the internet or reporting on paper will meet state reporting requirements but will not meet MU or Quality Payment Program requirements.

Federal Requirements

2016 Program Requirements
2017 Program Requirements

ODH Policy for Meaningful Use  (Effective 4/25/2016)

ODH has been able to receive cancer case reporting data from Eligible Professionals (EPs) that diagnose or treat cancer since it became an option for Stage 2 MU on 1/1/2014. ODH can also receive cancer case reporting data from Eligible Clinicians (ECs) that are part of the Quality Payment Program.

EPs and ECs can enroll and formally register intent to send cancer case reporting data to OCISS in accordance with meaningful use (MU) or the Quality Payment Program at www.ohiopublichealthreporting.info. OCISS can accept cancer case reports in an HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format. Prioritization for onboarding will be based on annual volume of reportable cancer cases, the ability to send a single report per case, and the use of coded data for all required fields including primary site, histology, behavior, and laterality. Please review the technical information regarding the testing and validation process.

Current Exclusions for Specialized Registry Reporting—Cancer Case Reporting:

An EP that does not diagnose or treat cancer during the EHR reporting period may qualify for an exclusion if no other specialized registries are available. See CMS FAQ 13657 for additional information.

Technical information

Contact Information:
Email: OCISS@odh.ohio.gov 
Phone: (614) 752-2689
Web: Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System