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Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

Overview of the Program

EpiCenter is Ohio’s statewide syndromic surveillance system used by state and local public health agencies to detect, track and characterize health events such as pandemic influenza, outbreaks, environmental exposures and potential bioterrorism in real-time. The system gathers de-identified information on patient symptoms and automatically alerts public health when an unusual pattern or trend is occurring.

Federal Requirements

2016 Program Requirements
2017 Program Requirements

ODH Policy for Meaningful Use and Quality Payment Program (Effective 4/25/2016)

For EHs, CAHs, urgent care centers, EPs, and ECs that are ready to electronically report syndromic surveillance data for the Meaningful Use Public Health Measure, please enroll and register intent to submit syndromic surveillance data at www.OhioPublicHealthReporting.info.  If an EH, a CAH, or an urgent care center, please review the technical information and required fields listed below, as you will be prioritized for onboarding. 

 The following data fields are required for all providers transmitting patient data:

  • Date/Time of visit
  • Patient sex
  • Patient age or date of birth
  • Patient home zip code
  • Facility
  • Patient ID/encrypted medical record number
  • Patient chief complaint
  • Initial patient temperature
  • Discharge disposition
  • Discharge diagnosis

Previous Meaningful Use (MU)U Exclusions for Syndromic Surveillance Reporting:

  • ODH was not able to accept Meaningful Use test files from EPs attesting to Stage 1 MU prior to 1/1/2014. 
  • Because ODH’s latest MU policy became effective after the 2016 registration to submit data deadline and the previous policy for EPs was not clear when interpreted with the EHR Incentive Program—Stage 3 and Modifications to MU in 2015 through 2017 Final Rule, EPs may elect to take an exclusion for the syndromic surveillance measure in 2016.

Note:  EPs that registered to submit syndromic surveillance data by the deadline for the syndromic surveillance registration of intent may choose to attest as actively engaged.  These EPs and those that did not meet the deadline can take an exclusion for 2016. Either route is acceptable for those that met the deadline for registration.

Technical information 

Contact Information: 
Email: SMED@odh.ohio.gov  
Phone: (614) 995-5599
Web: Syndromic Surveillance