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Radiologic Licensure
Radiologic Licensure

Radiologic Licensure

Any individual who performs radiologic procedures on humans must hold a valid Ohio radiologic license, according to the Ohio Revised Code. Radiologic licenses are issued for the following categories: Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist and General X-ray Machine Operator (GXMO).


The Radiologic Licensure program ensures standards of knowledge and skill for operators who apply radiation to humans for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.  Through continuous enforcement, initiative and action, the program assures medical patients receive quality diagnostic imaging and services.

The program is funded by initial license application fees, renewal fees and educational provider fees.  The program has licensed approximately 17,000 operators, 110 educational facilities, and 180 continuing educational courses.

Mailing Address:
Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection
246 North High Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Telephone: (614) 752-2370
Fax: (614) 564-2460
E-mail: Xray.Licensure@odh.ohio.gov


********NEW UPDATES**************

Military prioritization

Prioritized Licensure Application Processing for Military/Veteran/Spouses of Military and Veterans 

Military/Veteran/Spouses of Military or Veterans have the option when completing a hard-copy or on-line application for licensure to indicate their military status and receive priority application processing.

Radiation Therapy CT Simulation

Radiographers or radiation therapists, who have obtained training and demonstrated competency with the CT equipment and protocols, may operate CT units for radiation therapy simulation procedures.  CT simulation procedures shall be overseen by a radiation therapist.  If the CT equipment is operated for any other diagnostic radiographic procedures, the CT equipment shall be operated by a radiographer.

For more information on the rule amendments, please select the "Rules" link on the left. 


RadEd was awarded the contract to develop and administer the GXMO exam.  Exam applicants must submit the exam registration form directly to RadEd.  Individuals may take the state exam any number of times. 

Late Renewals

Renewal applications received more than 30 days after the license expiration date must submit the following in order to be considered for another license: 

  • Application and $65.00 fee; unless the renewal did not occur due to an individual's or spouse of an individual's active service in the armed forces, in which case, the fee is forty-five(45) dollars;
  • 24 CE credits;
  • Evidence of completing the educational requirements (n/a for applicants in active status with ARRT or NMTCB); and
  • Evidence of examination (ARRT or NMTCB card) - GXMO applicants must show evidence of passing the state examination.