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Healthcare Resources for Use During a Radiation Emergency

Radiation emergencies present a unique challenge for healthcare professionals. These types of incidents are uncommon but may result in patients with illnesses or injuries caused by ionizing radiation.  The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has developed guidance and resources for emergency room physicians for use during a radiation emergency.  Click the "Download" button to view the Ohio Physician's Radiological Treatment Guide interactive PDF.

The Ohio Physician’s Radiological Treatment Guide provides:

  • Information about radiation fundamentals, radiation protection, and biological effects of radiation.
  • An interactive treatment plan providing information about external and internal decontamination/decorporation.
  • An extensive list of external resources and contact information.

The Ohio Physician’s Radiological Quick Guide is a companion document to the Ohio Physician’s Radiological Treatment Guide. The “Quick Quide” provides essential information and contact information. 

Because there is a public perception that radiation is something that should be inherently feared, exposure may have a negative effect on the mental health of those affected.  Mental health support, as a component of radiological disaster mitigation, is an essential part of appropriately responding to this type of event.

Psychological effects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety caused by possible exposure or development of negative health effects.
  • Worries about children and families.
  • Confusion about exposure due to misinformation.
  • Stigma associated with radiation exposure.