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Public Health Resources for Use During a Radiation Emergency

Radiation emergencies present a unique challenge for public health agencies. These types of incidents are uncommon but may result in the need to screen the local population for radioactive contamination and decontaminating those members of the public who require it.  The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has developed guidance and resources for emergency responders, public health staff, and other entities that would be tasked with these roles for use during a radiation emergency.

ODH Handheld Detector Operational Walkthrough

This video will walk you through the use of a Ludlum Model 26-3 handheld radiation detector. Handheld radiation detectors, like the 26-3, are used to pinpoint specific locations of radioactive contamination on individual persons or items.

Ohio EMA Portal Monitor Operational Walkthrough

This video will walk you through the setup and use of a Thermo Scientific TPM-903B portal monitor. Portal monitors are used to screen a large number of people for radiological contamination quickly using a pre-programed "go/no-go" threshold.