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Residential - Assisted Living Facility Publications


ODH publishes various documents relating to the operation of Residential Care Facilities (RCFs) in Ohio annual reports and a listing of resident right’s advocates.

Required Patients' Rights Materials for Posting in Residential Care Facilities     July 2019

Residential Care Facility 2020 Annual Report         February 2021

Residential Care Facility 2019 Annual Report         February 2020

Residential Care Facility 2018 Annual Report         February 2019

Residential Care Facility 2017 Annual Report         February 2018

Residential Care Facility 2014 Annual Report         February 2015

Residential Care Facility 2013 Annual Report         February 2014


Resident Right’s Advocates

A “Residents' Rights Advocate” is: 1) an employee or representative of any state or local government entity that has a responsibility regarding residents or patients of a home; 2) an employee or representative of any non-profit corporation or association that qualifies for tax-exempt status and whose purposes include educating and counseling residents, assisting residents in resolving problems and complaints concerning their care and treatment, and assisting them in securing adequate services to meet their needs.

Residents of nursing homes and residential care facilities may request that an advocate assist them in assuring that their rights as residents are met. Listed below are key personnel and telephone numbers for the three statewide agencies which actively engage in resident’s rights advocacy and a listing of other advocates by county. If any changes are needed to the listing, (e.g. county served, phone number) notify us by e-mail to liccert@odh.ohio.gov.