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Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Sewage Treatment Systems

Contractors, Service Providers and Septage Haulers must obtain six (6) hours of continuing education units (CEU's) during the year prior to each registration renewal year (i.e. CEU's for the next Registration Renewal year will need to be obtained during the current calendar year).

Beginning with the registration year starting on January 1, 2016, proof of completion of at least six continuing education hours during the previous calendar year through educational programs approved by the department of health or demonstration of competency obtained through one of the following mechanisms:

(a)     Installers may provide proof of status as a certified installer of onsite wastewater treatment systems through the national environmental health association;

(b)     Septage haulers may provide proof of status as a vacuum truck technician through the national association of wastewater transporters;

(c)      Service providers may provide proof of status as an Ohio waste hauler association qualified service provider, or proof of certification in the national association of wastewater transporters O&M or inspector programs; or

(d)     Other continuing education programs as authorized by the director such as;

Hold a current Class A, I, II, III or IV treatment works operator certification from Ohio EPA as authorized under Chapter 3745-7 of the Administrative Code.

Registrants shall provide proof of compliance with this paragraph at the time of registration renewal.  In the case of dual or multiple registrations as an installer, septage hauler, and/or service provider, required continuing education hours may apply to multiple registration categories as approved by the department of health.

Other Information

New CEU Option
Sewage treatment system contractors who successfully complete and obtain Ohio Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) approved contact hours for professional operator certification in accordance with O.A.C. 3745-7-15(E) may apply those contact hours to the six continuing education hours required for renewal registration prescribed in O.A.C. 3701-29-03(C)(5) by the authority outlined in O.A.C. 3701-29-03(C)(3)(b). Courses approved by Ohio EPA for wastewater operators is found on the Ohio EPA website.  

Course Provider Information  The responsibilities and requirements of providing CEU's and its application 


On-line continuing education courses offered can be located by clicking the link below.

On-line Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses offered at specific dates and times will be posted in the News section below as applications are received and approved by ODH. Click on an individual offering to see more details, including registration information.

Individual CE 2 Form--This form is needed when classes are taken that have not been previously approved by ODH.  Please download form, follow the instructions and submit back to ODH.