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Drip Distribution Assurances

Approved Drip Distribution Assurance Parties

Any person intending to act as the responsible party providing a fully supported drip distribution STS must submit written assurances of compliance to ODH for approval. ODH has determined the following Drip Distribution Assurance Parties have established the support system necessary to assure the proper siting, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of drip distribution systems.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Drip Distribution Assurances approval process is intended to ensure the treatment and dispersal benefits of drip distribution are achieved and maintained. Drip distribution for sewage treatment systems (STS) must provide timed micro-dosed equalized pressure distribution and comply with rule provisions applicable at time of approval.

To request a review of Drip Distribution Assurances in compliance with Ohio Department of Health Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule 3701-29-15 Appendix C  one must complete the Application Form and submit it with all the applicable checklist information in accordance with the Application Instructions for Review of Drip Distribution Assurances. Below are links to the Application Form, Application Instructions and Application Checklist 

The owner of a drip distribution STS is required to maintain an operation and maintenance (O&M) service contract. The O&M and monitoring of the entire STS shall be conducted at least annually, or more often as required by the assurance party or the manufacturer of any component of the drip distribution STS, and shall be conducted by the assurance party acting as a registered service provider or by a registered service provider who has been qualified by the assurance party. Approved Drip Distribution Assurances are subject to ODH review for compliance with the conditions of approval and applicable law and rules. A review may be conducted when there is evidence of noncompliance with approval conditions or for other reasons deemed necessary to assure compliance. Upon review, if there is a determination of noncompliance, a drip distribution assurance party may be removed from the approved list in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Ohio Revised Code