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This page is for the local health departments with information and resources for implementation of the Sewage Treatment System rules.

Bond Forms of Installers, Haulers and Service Providers 

Link to the STS Contractor Bond Forms can be found on Information for Contractor Page

Statewide Forms (These forms are to be used as prescribed by the Director)

12 Month Inspection report (Administrative Summary)

Installation Permit(alteration/replacement)

STS Abandonment Form

CEU Approval Application

Septage Hauler Truck Inspection Form

Septage Pumping Report

Portable Toilet Pumping Report (Excel spreadsheet available upon request)

The Ohio Department of Health Sewage Program has drafted example inspection forms in Excel format for the inspection of sewage treatment systems (STS). One set of forms is for the complete inspection of newly constructed or repaired systems, and the second is for the annual inspection of previously installed and approved systems as required per Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-09 (H). These forms may be taken and customized by the local health districts.

These forms are example only and are not state mandated. The items contained on the forms are points in the treatment system that could cause potential failure if not properly installed or constructed. It is important that septic systems are installed and maintained properly in order to ensure longevity of the systems. Thorough inspections of new construction can prevent premature problems as well as providing a tool for future use such as locating the components of the system and investigating causes of failure.

These forms are for guidance only and are examples and are not state mandated.

Example of Construction Inspection forms

Example of One Year Inspection forms