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Sewage Treatment System Tanks

The regulations for all tanks used in sewage treatment systems (STS) in Ohio is governed by the requirements listed in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Section 3701-29-12. As of Jan. 1, 2016 all tanks used in STS shall be approved by the director for use in the state.

Provided here is the the application, application instructions and checklist that must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health for review. Tanks will be approved by the director once a complete application has been received and reviewed to ensure that the tank(s) have demonstrated compliance with the requirements outlined in chapter 3701-29-12.

The department maintains a list of tanks which have received director's approval for use in Ohio after Jan. 1, 2016.

Unless there is evidence of noncompliance with this rule, and when there has been no change in the design or materials used in the manufacture of the tank, the department of health approval shall remain valid and a septic tank shall remain on the list for the time frame or conditions stated in the assurance review method submitted by the manufacturer. When there has been a change in design or materials or a change in the submitted assurance review method, the manufacturer shall reapply in accordance with this paragraph. If a manufacturer fails to maintain compliance with this rule the department of health shall remove the septic tank model or the manufacturer from the list of approved septic tanks in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Revised Code.