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Ohio Sickle Cell-Related Laws and Rules

Statute Citation: Ohio Revised Code 3701.131

Summary: Requires the director of health to develop programs of education and research pertaining to the causes, detection, and treatment of sickle cell disease and provide for rehabilitation and counseling of persons possessing the trait of or afflicted with this disease.

State Statute Citation: Ohio Revised Code 3701.501

Summary: Requires all newborn children shall be screened for the presence of the genetic, endocrine, and metabolic disorders specified in rules adopted pursuant to this section – except as provided in division (A)(2) of this section. Also created the sickle cell fund. Money credited to the sickle cell fund shall be used to defray costs of programs authorized by section 3701.131 of the Revised Code.

State Statute Citation: Ohio Administration Code 3701-55

Summary: Requires the director of health to adopt rules in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Revised Code specifying the disorders for each newborn child must be screened and the standards and procedures for the screenings.