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Sexually Transmitted Disease Reporting

In Ohio, healthcare providers and facilities are required per Ohio Administrative Code 3701-3-02 to report the occurrence of cases or suspected cases of Chancroid, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis infection under their care and treatment to the public health authority. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Infectious Disease Control Manual (IDCM) includes the specific reporting requirements, including forms to use to report persons with a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Infectious Disease Control Manual

Information on the occurrence of STDs in Ohio is prepared and distributed to STD prevention staff, healthcare providers, planners and educators, and the public. This information, as well as national data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is presented in data tables and in reports. The STD Surveillance Program also provides support and guidelines for the reporting of STD-related information. These resources can be accessed using the links below:

Sexually Transmitted Disease Case Definitions

A surveillance case definition is a set of uniform criteria used to define a disease for public health surveillance. Surveillance case definitions enable public health officials to classify and count cases consistently across reporting jurisdictions. Surveillance case definitions are not intended to be used by healthcare providers for making a clinical diagnosis or determining how to meet an individual patient’s health needs (CDC, 2017). For additional information visit the Surveillance Case Definitions page on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Webpage.

Reporting Forms


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