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Stroke Centers

Hospitals with certified stroke centers meet national stroke certification standards, as set by The Joint Commission, Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program.  Certification ensures that centers provide consistent, high-quality stroke treatment.  

Types of Stroke Centers

Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC)

This is the most demanding certification and is designed for those hospitals that have specific abilities to receive and treat the most complex stroke cases. 

Primary Stroke Center (PSC)

This certification is designed for hospitals that provide the critical elements of stroke care to achieve long-term success in improving outcomes.

Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Center (TSC)

This certification is designed for hospitals that are a Primary Stroke Center and also provides endovascular procedures and post-procedural care. 

Acute Stroke Ready Hospital (ASRH) 

This certification is for hospitals or emergency centers that have a dedicated stroke-focused program. 


Hospital Stroke Level Recognition

Effective, March 20, 2019, a hospital shall not represent itself as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center, Primary Stroke Center, or Acute Ready Hospital unless it is recognized by the Ohio Department of Health under section 3727.13 of the Revised Code.  Additional provisions regarding Stroke Level Recognition may be found in sections 3727.11 to 3727.15 of the Revised Code.  

For additional information please view the Hospital Stroke Level Recognition page

Do not use these resources during an emergency. If you or someone you know is experiencing stroke symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately!