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Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

The federal Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant Program (Title V MCH BG) envisions a country in which all mothers, children, and youth, including children and youth with special healthcare needs (CYSHCN), and their families are healthy and thriving. In Ohio, the Title V MCH BG significantly supports state-level public health infrastructure and local programs, often in conjunction with other federal and state funds. ODH Bureau of Maternal, Child, and Family Health (BMCFH) houses over thirty-four programs supported by the MCH BG, and funding also supports programs outside of BMCFH addressing Lead Poisoning Prevention, Primary Care and Rural Health, and Violence and Injury Prevention. Title V MCH BG also provides a framework for identifying and addressing priority needs across the MCH Populations as presented below.

MCH Populations

Efforts within the MCH BG work across six population domains:

  • Women/Maternal Health
  • Perinatal/Infant Health
  • Child Health
  • Adolescent Health
  • Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • Cross-cutting/Systems Building

MCH Priorities

The Ohio Department of Health, through a contract with the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, completed a collaborative and comprehensive needs assessment with internal and external stakeholders, MCH experts, agency partners, and consumers. The 2020 five-year needs assessment process identified Ohio’s priority areas for 2021-2025 to be addressed through the Title V MCH BG Action Plan 2021-2025:


  • Decrease risk factors contributing to maternal morbidity
  • Increase mental health support for women of reproductive age
  • Decrease risk factors associated with preterm births


  • Support healthy pregnancies and improve birth and infant outcomes


  • Improve nutrition, physical activity, and overall wellness of children

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

  • Increase prevalence of children with special health care needs receiving integrated, physical, behavioral, developmental, and mental health services


  • Increase developmental approaches and improve systems to reduce adolescent and young adult suicide rate
  • Increase protective factors and improve systems to reduce risk factors associated with the prevalence of adolescent substance use


  • Prevent and mitigate the effects of adverse childhood experiences
  • Improve health equity by addressing community and social conditions and reduce environmental hazards that impact infant and child health outcomes

MCH Resources

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