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Performance Measurement

HRSA adopted a three-tiered performance measure framework in 2015 to enable states to demonstrate the impacts of Title V on selected health outcomes within a state. States apply this new framework in developing a five-year State Action Plan to address their identified MCH priority needs.

  • National Outcome Measures (NOMs) – intended to represent the desired result of Title V program activities and interventions. These measures for improved health are longer-term than National Performance Measures.
  • National Performance Measures (NPMs) – intended to drive improved outcomes relative to one or more indicators of health status (i.e., NOMs) for the MCH population.
  • Evidence-based Strategy Measures (ESMs) – intended to hold states accountable for improving quality and performance related to the NPMs and related public health issues. ESMs will assist state efforts to more directly measure the impact of specific strategies on the NPMs.

Each measure, tied to a national data source, allows for more timely, reliable, and valid data reporting. The new performance measure framework intends to track areas where the state MCH programs can best demonstrate the impact of their Title V investments.

For a dashboard presentation of Ohio’s state level performance data, visit the Title V Information System (TVIS) at  https://mchb.tvisdata.hrsa.gov/state/detail/OH. In addition, the TVIS features other state-reported financial and program data as well as a State Snapshot.

Source: HRSA, Maternal and Child Health Bureau