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Data Action Group (DAG)


Mission and Vision

Mission:  To prevent injuries in Ohio using data and collaborative partnerships.

Vision:  Working together to create a safe and injury free Ohio.



Goal 1: Improve networking, communication and collaboration among injury/violence-related data owners and key stakeholders.

  • Explore statewide injury-related data sources by reviewing survey results and asking data owners to provide an overview for DAG members.
  • Make recommendations to the Ohio Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Section about new data products.  

Goal 2: Assess the quality and availability of existing data sources and opportunities for linkages or shared data products. 

  • Inventory existing injury/violence-related data products and create a resource list for stakeholders.   
  • Assess Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) needs surrounding violence and injury prevention priority areas (i.e., prescription drug poisoning/overdose, falls among older adults, child injury including motor vehicle traffic, asphyxiation, falls and violence) and the availability of related state and local data sources.
  • Increase the quality and availability of statewide and county-specific injury-related data for planning, surveillance and evaluation.
  • Provide updates to OIPP so that data informs priorities and prevention efforts.

Goal 3: Improve the availability and quality of existing violence and injury data sources through partnerships or linkages.


More Information

To become a member of the Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership or any of the Action Groups, please complete the online membership application.  You will begin to receive meeting notifications and updates about the group's activities.

For more information about the group, please contact the Ohio Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Section at 614-466-2144.