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Authorized Foods

Fruits and vegetables.

Submission Process:

Authorized Foods Submission Process

The Ohio WIC Program has updated the submission and approval process for NEW food submissions and updates for the Ohio WIC Authorized Foods List starting October 1st, 2018.  NEW foods refer to items not currently authorized for purchase with the WIC Nutrition Card. Submissions for NEW foods or updates can be sent at any time.

NEW food submissions or updates should be sent to OhioWICUPC@odh.ohio.gov with all required attachments and product information. Required attachments and information include:

  • UPC code(s) (12 digits)
  • Product information
    • Brand
    • Product name
    • Type (frozen, canned, etc.)
    • Size
  • Images
    • Front label showing product name and size
    • UPC
    • Ingredient list
    • Nutrition panel
  • Acceptable file types include:
    • pdf 
    • tif 
    • gif 
    • jpg 
    • png 
    • bmp


Upon complete submission of all required items, Ohio WIC will communicate to manufacturers if their product(s) have been approved or denied within 60 days from the complete submission date.

Approved NEW food items will be made available for purchase immediately following complete approval. 

Ohio WIC will be updating the printed Authorized Food List (AFL) twice a year on April 1st and October 1st. Complete submissions sent between August 1st through January 31st will be added to the April printing. Complete submissions sent between February 1st and July 31st will be added to the October printing.

Ohio WIC Nutrition Card  All Formula Food Report Description Clarification for EBT.

Updated Authorized Foods List (AFL)

UPC Updates for Approved Products

Products previously approved may have UPC updates. Any changes should follow the process below:

Update Process

Email: OhioWICUPC@odh.ohio.gov the e-mail must include;

Food item documentation

  • UPC (12 digits)
  • Product information
    • Brand 
    • Product name
    • Type (frozen, canned, etc.)
    • Size

Image requirements (Must be sent in initial e-mail)

  • Images must be 2MB or less
  • Images should include:
    • Front label showing product name and size 
    • UPC
    • Ingredient list
    • Nutrition panel
  • You may submit more than one image
  • Acceptable file types:
    • .pdf
    • .tif
    • .gif
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .bmp
  • If submitting multiple items in one e-mail, pelase include the full UPCin the name of the file
  • Include contact information for questions

Fax submission are no longer accepted.

Updates to Authorized Foods List (AFL)

Printed AFL's will be published on October 1 and April 1 of each year. The items approved between those dates can be seen below with the most recent being at the top.