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Healthy Food.

The art of eating good food, having fun at your family table, and watching your family attain a healthy lifestyle!

WIC helps you:

  • Try new foods and recipes
  • Learn about your family’s diet needs
  • Follow your children’s growth
  • Feel good during your pregnancy
  • Grow a healthy baby
  • Make the best feeding decisions for you and your family
  • Be successful with your breastfeeding goals
  • Strive for an active lifestyle

How does WIC do all of this?

WIC has health professionals – dietitians, diet technicians, and nurses – who are qualified to provide one-on-one counseling to help you meet health goals tailored to your needs.  Our health professionals also provide education in many other forms:

  • Fun group activities
  • Engaging websites like www.WICHealth.org
  • Colorful bulletin boards
  • Informative newsletters
  • Easy recipes and taste testing

WIC Appointment

You will receive your nutrition benefits at your WIC appointment.  What happens at a WIC appointment?

  • First you meet our support staff. They will help you with our forms.
  • Height, weight, and blood iron is checked about every six months.  Painless, no-stick blood work is done for most children and women.
  • A health professional reviews your or your child’s health information.  All findings about growth and eating habits are discussed with you.
  • Together with the health professional, you write a six-month goal to try something to work towards a healthy lifestyle.  Goals are simple and practical – like using low-fat milk.


WIC also refers you to other programs that can help you and your family.

Breastfeeding support with your WIC Breastfeeding Peer. Click on Breastfeeding and Ohio WIC  for more information.

Practical Nutrition Education

Until your WIC appointment, check out this sample of practical nutrition information for you and your family.   

Visit your local WIC clinic for healthy foods and recipe ideas or click on  sacore:green.gif

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