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HEA5508 Termination of Facility Registration

X-ray registrations to possess radiation-generating equipment (RGE) can be terminated via the online system by the previous owner by following the online instructions OR the new owners can submit the Notice of Termination form HEA5508 if all x-ray equipment at the location was transferred to the new owner.

A Confirmation of Termination letter will be mailed once the record has been terminated. A registration for the previous owner cannot be terminated if there are any tubes left on site; operable, inoperable or in-storage which are still owned or stored by the previous owner.

When the previous owner of radiation-generating equipment (RGE) cannot be contacted, the new owner may submit verification information detailing they received all the previous owners RGE and registered it at the previous location or a new location.  The Termination form HEA5508 may be submitted to ODH documenting the previous owner no longer possesses RGE at the previous owner’s registration location.