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X-ray Equipment Amendment

The AMEND button displayed in your record is used to make changes to your facility record information by submitting either Auto-Approved Amendments and/or ODH-Approved Amendments.

Only the facility's Individual Responsible for Radiation Protection (IRRP) is granted access by Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to make record changes online.  

If you do not have computer access or if you experience any problems once you have logged into the X-ray Registration database, please contact X-ray Registration at 614.995.4727 or e-mail  xrayreg@odh.ohio.gov.

The IRRP must have an established user ID in Ohio Department of Health’s (ODH) Gateway secure system.

If you experience any problems with the ODH Gateway, or have questions regarding your user ID or password, please contact ODH computer support staff at 614.752.5190, for assistance.


Online Help Instructions

(You must be logged into your registration record on the ODH Application Gateway to access the online instructions)


Additional Important Information:

All amendments submitted online will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Possession of x-ray equipment, in-storage or inoperable, requires a valid registration and fee.

Name changes and federal tax identification changes are indicators of ownership change.  Please call X-ray Registration 614.995.4727 or e-mail xrayreg@odh.ohio.gov for further instructions.

The same day radiation-generating equipment is no longer at the registered location, the facility must submit an online amendment to reduce the tube count or submit an online termination request to close out your record.


Termination of Registration

If all x-ray equipment has been disposed of, or transferred to a new owner, follow the online termination instructions or contact ODH X-ray Registration at 614.995.4727.  If you do not have online access, you may also print, complete, sign and fax the HEA5508 Termination form to 614.644.8526 or e-mail xrayreg@odh.ohio.gov.